Car Valeting in York

Spilt Milk, Nicotine, pet smells, bad odours etc

Spilt milk and dairy products can be treated by enzyme treatment and de-odorising.

  • Shampoo the offending area
  • Enzyme treat to kill off bacteria causing smell, apply de-odoriser, leave to soak
  • Re-shampoo area and dry out

For cigarette odours a nicotine remover is applied and for other bad smells a de-odoriser is used within the full interior valet.

Small (Corsa, Fiesta, Punto etc)from £35
Medium (Family, Mondeo, Vectra, Audi A4, etc)from £35
4x4 / People Carrier (Discovery BMW X5, Galaxy etc)from £35


Opening Hours Mon - Sat: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sun: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

York Car Valeting
Car Valeting in York York Car Valeting Car Valeting in York