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Underseal Body Protection in York

Full underbody and wheel arch protection is available. This gives a plyable thick elastic coating of underseal to all areas of the underside which are vunerable to corrosion including brake pipes etc. This should last the life time of the vehicle under normal everyday conditions The process is undertaken in 4 stages:

  • Full steam cleaning of the underside and wheel arches (wheels are removed)
  • Raise vehicle heat underside to fully dry out and remove all moisture in preparation for undersealing
  • Whilst vehicle is raised underseal at a pressure of 150 P.S.I to floor pan, box sections and wheel arches
  • Degrease bodywork wash car to remove all excess underseal spray

Small (Corsa, Fiesta, Punto etc)£190
Medium (Family, Mondeo, Vectra, Audi A4, etc)£220
4x4 / People Carrier (Discovery BMW X5, Galaxy etc)£250


Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

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